Saturday, June 14, 2008

corner store

The story Brother Jerry relayed is as follows:
In the late 1990's Brother Rick, a Capuchin Friar living and working on the east side of Detroit was heading out of his house to get groceries. He ran into a boy who lived nearby who, when informed of his errand, asked 'What gas station are you going to?' The gas station or the small corner store, like these two here, are the food options for many Detroiters. Recognizing the need for both a more complex range of food options while providing access and education about food to the neighborhood, Brother Rick established EarthWorks in 1998.
These corner stores, along with the gas stations are still present, the food options still limited, but the three gardens of EarthWorks supply fresh produce to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen while growing a visible and dynamic culture through garden and food access, seed and plant distribution, education, kids' and youth programs.

I wonder if the corner stores might somehow be a part of this--with a crate of local apples some time, a box of Meldrum Street grown berries, garlic, radishes.

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