Friday, June 6, 2008

Haiku For You!

It's odd being back in lovely Lapeer. But since I'm moving again, this time to an even smaller town, I thought I'd fulfill my promise to Jessica and post the haikus I made about each of us, with the help of Sarah (of course) and Jessica. They are pretty much good-natured nonsense, so no, this is not my ultimate opinion of you as a person, just as much personality that could fit in 17 syllables :). So here we go...

Allison is short
Good things come in small presents
She can strut her stuff.

Andrea is pimp
I want to be just like her
She sings opera.

Erik rode his bike
"I was sobbing the whole time"
Sunscreen in his eyes

Janell is badass
Her snort is very funny
But not too funny

Caitlin is right here
And she has a nice smile
Harry calls her "Boo"

Sarah is so tall
It is fun to look at her
She should model too

Nick is "Who's the Boss"
He needs all of our receipts
Mastermind of cob

Becca eats a lot
It fuels her deep-thinking skills
And she writes well, too.

Christine plays the uke
She and Deborah are buds
Coolest kids in school

Jessica is Mom
She lays down the law for us
With no-nonsense face

Katie likes to walk
Coffee is her favorite
A good Laroucher

Farrah writes haikus
She reads before you can blink
Farrah's face has fans

And one last poem that I think sums up our time at Earthworks nicely (courtesy of Christine)

Repetition is
the key to adult learning.
To adult learning.

I hope to see you guys soon and if you're in Mayville, don't hesitate to call!

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lolahern said...

Hello out there. I've never participated in a blog; so I don't know if I'm doing this correctly. But I wanted to respond to Farrah's haikus with an acrostic poem for all of you. I wrote it using the first letter of your first names. Unfortunately, the old English lettering isn't showing up, and the format isn;t ragged. Someone tell me how to fix that. We all miss you. All Best, Lolita

To the Detroit Twelve

All praise to you who came full of
Ardor looking for flora between
Broken whiskey bottles and ragged
fauna that
Cover the Park most times and
other areas we
Crisscross daily in the D
wondering how to
Escape the sad present and then
Fell in full of vip and vim
working your special
Juju, yeah, pointing us to the
bright future right here
Jumping in full techno color
Knocking us off dead center zoned
Now we sense possibility
Something blowing in the wind