Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Although our stay in Detroit is concluding, its beginning is blended with excursions and experiences to seem as though we arrived months ago. On that first full day, still unacquainted with the City, I found myself getting on the People Mover with twelve unfamiliar people. The task was to explore the area around one of the stops of the People Mover with a partner. What struck me the most was not my impression of the city, but the impression my partner, Andrea, made upon me. We had stopped to buy a snack for some energy, and I was flattered by her willingness and desire to share with me wholeheartedly. Through a small act such as sharing some trail mix, I could sense her unselfishness on a larger scale. It's this kind of willingness to give that will strengthen our bonds to each other and beyond. Through food, we come together to share this necessity that reminds us that we are all human and have the responsibility and pleasure of providing it for everyone's benefit and nourishment.

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