Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thoughts, Feelings, and some (Creative) Writing

As we begin our final week here in Detroit, the feeling of some sort of nostalgia is already looming. I miss this place already. I missed it when we were all in Toronto and the skyscrapers  started getting pretty monotonous.  I can't quite put my finger on what I'll be leaving; I feel as though I've had months of experiences packed into only 20-odd days. I know that our departure will be more of a 'See you later!' rather than a 'Goodbye' for me- and for the rest of us, I'm sure. There are so many amazing people here, amazing for their wisdom and for their commitment to their city and their neighbors. The nostalgia is for the places and the people, but a little piece of each will go home with me in the form of random pictures, notes, and fond memories of late night talks and walks around the city. There is also excitement, an anticipation to learn even more than I have already about the interconnected issues that we must face with respect to Detroit. Our short time here is only the beginning for me, and I hope that others in our little community feel the same.

And now for some creative writing!
In response to a photograph prompt of graffiti in the Dequindre cut (which happens to be posted here as well):

Empty chairs. Empty hallways. Coming back to an empty house. I used to think I liked being alone- often, at the very least. I used to tell myself, "Maybe I don't need people like other people need people." It was like cold water in the face when I'd come back to a 7'x11' room. No lights. No smiles. Just a floor made for doing homework on and a bed six feet off the ground. Sophomore slump? Then I woke up and I could see color again and breathe deeply and smile for absolutely no reason.  People do need people, and I'm one of those people. 
Places need people too.

In response to one of Christine's Polaroids of Eastern Market:

When I look at the sky, I see a constant that spans more than just a person, a city, a country, all those identifications that may either combine or divide us, or both at the same time. It's important for me to see the commonalities in things rather than what divides. I feel like we're taught those things that divide us our whole lives. 
I see bright blue sky, white clouds, and I see home. Only a man-made building or post to differentiate where, when. Only a man-made law or belief to differentiate who. Is community to finally realize that the things around us are not to be kept secret but shared? Should we start to share possessions and places like we share a blue sky?
Maybe sharing those things like we share a gray sky...

And in closing, a modest haiku to send us on our way:

Detroit Rock City
Urbanite for the cob bench
Makes people happy

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