Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is that what this is about? About making it all fit a mold that is ideal?But we are not - not like you and your boys who sit at the top. We will not fit our lives into your analysis of the current economic situation; will not fit our futures into your forecast for the world. The only forecast we listen to is the one beating within our hearts. And so you take, and you give, and you wonder why things aren't changing. You blame, and you give up. But save yourself the disappointment - by listening, understanding - that we are not you; do not want to be like you We want to live in the space between where we are and where you'd like us to be - so put down your models, your calculators, and your silly talk. Come to us, to othe people - to see who we are, and hear who we want to become.

Imagine understanding a "problem" from the ground up, and the humanity to it. We are like you, in a way, already. We have creative plans, dreams for our children, and pain and joy too share. Come to us, openly, and free yourselves of expectation, greed, and the aching thrill of power. Let your humanity connect with ours; only then can we begin to overcome.

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